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The C37LG is made up of, and run entirely, by its membership. This includes our committee which is elected from the membership, by members, at our annual general meetings. One of the main focuses of the Group, in our aim to promote the history of our namesake class, is the preservation and operation of the Group’s very own loco, D6703/37003:

D6703 was built to works number EE/VF2866/D582 1960 and released from English Electric’s Vulcan Foundry on 28th December 1960, the loco was allocated to Stratford and outshopped in original all-over BR green. A small yellow warning panel was added circa 1962. In April 1963, plans were made to name the loco ‘The 1st. East Anglian Regiment’, along with D6704 and D6707 as the 2nd and 3rd regiments, respectively. However, these names were never unveiled as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd regiments were merged to form the Royal Anglian Regiment. The loco carried the covered nameplates from April to September 1963. In June 1969 the loco was repainted into BR blue and had, by this time, had its boiler removed. Renumbered 37003 under TOPS in February 1974, the loco spent almost the entirety of the 1970s a Thornaby machine before transferring to Gateshead in September 1979. In July 1987 the loco was transferred to Tinsley and it was here in October 1989 that the loco received the unofficial painted name of ‘Tigermoth’ which it carried until repaint into Civil Engineers colours in early 1992. The loco was stored unserviceable on 22nd August 1994 at Immingham and eventually passed into the ownership of EWS who put the loco up for sale, having stripped it for usable parts including its power unit. It was subsequently purchased by the C37LG following our second bid on the loco and has remained safe in our ownership ever since. Further details about the locos history under the C37LG can be found in the About Us section.

By becoming a member, you can become directly involved with the ownership and upkeep of this fine example of our industrial heritage. This can range from a passive involvement, right up to joining our team of volunteers and getting stuck in with the more labour intensive activities within the Group, be it helping our travelling sales team at events, or getting your hands dirty by working on D6703 itself.

Additionally, there are other benefits to becoming a C37LG member, including:

  • 'Syphon!' - Our high-quality quarterly magazine, with exclusive articles and photos (on paper or PDF!). Click here for a sample of a recent edition.
  • Access to our exclusive members forum, where you will gain first access to all the latest news and information relating to the Group and its activities, as well as being a friendly platform for like-minded enthusiasts to discuss all things Class 37!
  • The chance to enter our fun, monthly, members-only lottery game, ‘Buy Your Own Tractor’/BYOT.
  • By volunteering, you have the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and gain experience of the heritage railway scene.

Three tiers of membership are available (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and these are reflected by the specific benefits associated with each, details of which can be found on our membership application form.

Membership forms can be found here and can be submitted electronically or printed and sent via post.

Members are required to abide by our constitution, a copy of which can be found here.

If you do not wish to become a member, maybe you would consider supporting us and our efforts by means of a donation.