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39-050D BR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second Open Blue & Grey

39-188 MK1 BG Full Brake Network Southeast

39-250A BR Mk1 RFO Restaurant First Open Blue & Grey

39-312 BR Mk1 Pullman SP Second Parlour Blue & Grey

39-364 Mk2A TSO Tourist Second Open BR Regional Railways (W + Passengers)

39-410A Mk2A BFK Brake First Corridor BR Blue & Grey

39-412A BR Mk2A BFK Brake First Corridor Network Southeast

39-421B BR Mk1 POS Post Office Sorting Van with Nets Royal Mail Red

39-503A BR Mk1 SLSTP Sleeping Car Second Class Blue & Grey Inter-City

39-652 BR MK2F FO First Open Coach Intercity

39-675 BR MK2F TSO Tourist Second Open Coach Blue & Grey 'INTER-CITY'

39-686DC MK2F RFB Restaurant First Buffet InterCity Livery - DCC Fitted

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