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The Class 37 Locomotive Group (C37LG) is a group of rail enthusiasts dedicated to preserving and operating working examples of English Electric Type 3 (British Rail Class 37) locomotives for the general public, and to promote their interest and history, being part of our nation's industrial and railway heritage. The C37LG is a non-profit making organisation, and has recently been registered as a Charity, Reference Number : 1137787

More Details can be found in the 'About Us' section of the site.

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Press Release

The Class 37 Loco Group, owners of EE type 3 D6703 (37003), have had to delay and review their project to return their locomotive, D6703, to original 1960 condition after the discovery of a major flaw in the power unit fitted to the locomotive. Technical Officer, Mike Millward, explains;
“Our contractors at UKRL were preparing the power unit for rebuild when they found, what they initially thought was bad water staining on one of the crank bearing surfaces. Further investigation revealed it is a series of fractures of the bearing surface with deeper cracking evident. Apparently it was from an earlier overheating episode as it was not connected to any of the usual stress points in the crank.

This was completely unexpected, so until we can assess the situation fully, we have suspended work on Project 3-60”
Project 3-60 was intended to return D6703 to as near as built condition for its 60th Anniversary in 2020, including operational steam heat. The Committee of the Group had carefully worked out a funding budget and contingency to complete the project, but this discovery has thrown these plans into disarray.
Mike continued;
“We are investigating options, but all are going to push the budget over what the Group, as a Charity, is willing to spend at present, so we need to plan very carefully”
The Group has now started an Appeal to help fund this additional unplanned work to help get the oldest original condition Class 37 back into action as soon as possible. Part of the fundraising will see cab rides and driver experience days available, as well as a more permanent commemoration of donation.
“D6703 is owned by a Charitable Trust, therefore we plan to have a plaque naming all donors fitted to the locomotive that will be there as long as the locomotive exists”

Details of the Appeal, what is available, how to donate and how to help are now online at www.C37LG.co.uk and via their Facebook pages, Class 37 Loco Group and Project 3-60.

Class 37 Loco Group Committee.



Reward Donation Bands
A: £100+ Name on plaque on loco control cubicle, 1 yr Group Membership, certificate, D6703 cab ride
B: £500+ As above plus 'goody bag' (Limited Edition Badge, mug, pen, beanie), 1/2 day driver experience in D6703 at MNR or railway to be arranged
C: £1000+ As B plus bigger 'goody bag' (+DVD, article of Group clothing), full day driver experience in D6703 at MNR or railway to be arranged, framed certificate
D: Direct sponsorship of major work/components – value of donation in line with above parameters.

Note: D6703 cab rides and driver experiences will be on D6703 once complete 

Gift Aid: Please do it, it will add 20%.... that makes a hell of a difference.
Smaller donations as per the ‘Donations’ on site; larger will require to be by cheque/BACS with donor details via the C37LG main address; the smaller band requires email to Mike or Gavin with donor details.

The Class 37 Locomotive Group have now moved 37003 to UKRL's premises in Leicester.

We have engaged their services, which do not need any introduction when you look at their work for Europhoenix on 37800 and 37884, to bring 37003 back to life.

There are three packages of work to be undertaken over the next 18-24 months before her return to Dereham.

1. Rebuild and recommissioning of the power unit.
2. Refurbish the aging bodywork.
3. Repaint the loco.

We all aspired to completing the work on site at Dereham ourselves, but without the right facilities and too many Norfolk winters now chalked up to "experience", we decided that something else had to happen to stop the rot.

With her 60th Anniversary fast approaching, this was an event we did not want, or could afford to miss. And if we timed it right, we could end up playing a starring role at events during 2020.

Under the banner of Project 3-60. We will wind back the clock to 1960, from where we can go "full circle" through the chronological history of our loco once again: D6703/6703/37003/37360, and most importantly celebrate No.3's 60th Anniversary in 2020, IN STYLE!"

I hope you all feel the anticipation that we do in the Group for the end result, and that you continue to show your support in all the kind ways that you do.

Please share this message with the world. Change is coming, and it is coming fast! And all being well, it could be coming to a railway near you in two years time. If we get invited of course ;-)

We will be providing updates here on the progress at Leicester. But if you want to find out the latest news as it happens. Why not consider becoming a member of the C37LG? Click here to visit our membership page

Our donations page is always open, and if you can spare a few pennies towards this work, we really would appreciate it. Click here to make a donation

Thanks again for your support over the years, and I hope that you stick with us to the finishing post.

The C37LG Committee.

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